Unless waived in the rental agreement, a Notice to Pay or Quit is a legal notice delivered to the tenant notifying the tenant in writing that they must move out of the property by a certain date or pay the rent in full.

If the tenant does not move out of the property by that date or pay the rent in full,  the landlord may file a landlord/tenant complaint, also known as an eviction lawsuit, in court (in the magisterial district where the rental property is located) to force the tenant to move out by a court order.

Typically a court date will be issued within seven (7) to ten (10) days of the complaint being filed.

In most cases in Delaware County, PA if the landlord is given a monetary judgment against the tenant the tenant will have two (2) ten (10) day periods to “pay and stay”. The judgment amount typically includes all past due rent, late fees, court fees, and attorney’s fees.

If the tenant has not yet paid by that point the landlord can file for a forcible eviction.

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